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Does Eye Cream Go Before Moisturizer? We've Figured It Out!

by Yu-Jun Park 22 Jun 2023

Hey, gorgeous humans!

If you’re strolling into this digital confab, you're likely asking yourself the timeless question, “Does eye cream go before moisturizer?"

Well, get ready, 'cause we're about to spill the tea on this beauty conundrum.

The Face-off: Eye Cream vs. Moisturizer

Imagine this, my beautiful friends: a stunning sunset in the vast landscape of skincare, cotton pads floating around like tumbleweeds, and taking center stage, our two mightiest skincare warriors: Eye Cream and Moisturizer.

I know, it’s beautiful.

Picture the intensity of their face-off, and don't think for a second it's just another typical day in the realm of beauty.

Yes, both these heroes originate from the same skin-nourishing cosmos, and they may appear as if they're both wielding the same enchanting hydration spells.

But hold your horses!

The truth is each of these remarkable warriors possesses its unique set of skin-benefiting superpowers.

Let's delve into the secret traits that set them apart and make them indispensable allies in our skincare routine.

Eye Cream

Meet the superhero of your skincare story, always up for a late-night mission to rescue your skin.

This watchful warrior is loaded with a belt full of powerful tools—special ingredients picked to tackle specific skin troubles.

Struggling to wipe away the proof of last night's binge-watching session? Do those sneaky dark circles around your eyes give away your true age?

Or maybe your eyes are looking puffy, like you've overdone it on the salty snacks? And let's not forget those sneaky little lines that seem to be moving in for good.

No worries! The eye cream is ready to tackle them all.

It's got a light, thin touch, made just right for the delicate skin around your eyes. It soaks right in and gets to work.

The result? Eyes that look fresh and lively, like they're saying hello to a bright new day.


Get ready to cheer for the Superman of your skincare team!

This tough, never-back-down champ is always ready to protect your skin from the bad guy known as dryness.

Think of it as a water castle, locking in all the good moisture your skin needs and putting up a strong wall against baddies like dirty air and nasty weather.

This super pal is all in on making sure your skin stays soft, wet, and shiny.

And that instant brightness it gives your skin? It's like you have your own team of light makers, lighting you up with the perfect Instagram look all day, every day!

These two skincare big shots may do different things, but they have one goal—making your skin healthy, shiny, and happy.

So, when you grab your eye cream or moisturizer next time, remember—you've got a superhero tag team on your side, ready to help you win the day!

The Showdown: What Goes On First?

And now we come to the main event. Listen up, skincare aficionados!

When it comes to the order of application, it's not a beauty free-for-all. Like a well-choreographed dance routine, there's a particular rhythm and sequence to your skincare regimen that can make all the difference.

Why Order Matters

The secret to a skin-wowing routine is all about which product goes on first.

The mantra? Start light and end heavy.

Your skin, that intelligent masterpiece, absorbs products in order of their weight.

So, our skincare ballet begins with the lightweight prima ballerinas: products like serums, toners, and, you guessed it, eye creams.

In Comes the Eye Cream

Imagine your eye cream as the elegant soloist in this dance.

Its lightweight consistency, delicate as a feather, absorbs quickly into the skin, making it the ideal opening act. The skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive—a tad more dramatic, if you will.

This makes it more susceptible to dryness, puffiness, dark circles, and the signs of aging.

But fret not, darlings!

The eye cream is designed to handle these dramatic moments. Packed with powerful ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, it aims to tackle these issues head-on.

And for these ingredients to perform at their best, they need direct access to your skin without any hindrances.

That's why applying the eye cream first lets it shine in its solo performance, absorbing the ingredients effectively.

Follow Up with the Moisturizer

Enter the moisturizer, your skincare ensemble's robust lead dancer.

It's heavier and creates a protective barrier on your skin, keeping all the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

If you apply moisturizer before the eye cream, it’s like putting a wall between the star performer and the stage. That’s why it’s crucial to apply the moisturizer after applying eye cream.

It locks in the benefits of the eye cream, sealing the hydration without interfering with the eye cream's job.

So, in this grand skincare showdown, it's not so much a competition as a ballet. The delicate eye cream takes center stage first, then the moisturizer.

It's a harmonious sequence designed to give you the most out of your skincare routine.


Q: Can't I just use my moisturizer as an eye cream?
A: While we admire your minimalistic approach, think about it this way: Would you wear your comfy loafers to a swanky cocktail party?

Just as you'd pick different shoes for different occasions, eye creams and moisturizers cater to different needs. That’s why our mucin-infused snail eye cream is like your tailored tuxedo or LBD—it’s designed to fit the specific needs of the delicate, thinner skin around your eyes.

Q: I accidentally applied moisturizer before my eye cream. Is it a skincare sin?
A: Breathe easy, babe! It's not a cardinal sin. But think of it like wearing your underwear over your jeans—it just works better the other way around. But hey, it’s a mistake you learn from. No biggie!

Q: What if my skin doesn’t feel hydrated enough after applying eye cream?
A: If your skin is thirstier than a traveler in a desert, consider adding a richer eye cream to your routine or layering your fave moisturizer over it. Remember, it's your show - experiment, learn, adapt, and find what makes your skin go, "Ahhh, that’s the stuff!"

Q: How can I tell which skin type I have?

A: Ah, the age-old question! This might sound like trying to crack a secret code, but really, it's all about observation.

If your skin often looks shiny and feels greasy, you might be in the oily skin club.

Dry skin, on the other hand, often feels tight and might even be flaky.

Combination skin? That's like having a party mix that's oily in some spots (usually the T-zone) and dry in others.

And if you've got skin that freaks out with new products, you could be part of the sensitive skin squad.

If your skin feels balanced—not too oily, not too dry—well, congrats! You’ve got what the beauty world calls "normal" skin.

But remember, everyone's skin can change with weather, age, and lifestyle. So, keep an eye out and adjust your skincare routine as needed!

Your Skinclusive Tribe: Tailoring Your Eye Cream and Moisturizer to Your Skin Type

You've probably heard chatter about eye creams and moisturizers in the beauty buzz world. But the true mission is finding those secret agent products that are the perfect match for your own skin.

Think of it like finding your BFF in the massive universe of skincare!

So, let's keep it easy-peasy and split it up:

Oily Skin

Hey there, shiny beauty queen! If your shine feels more like an oil painting than a soft twinkle, aim for airy, water-based eye creams and moisturizers.

These guys will keep your skin feeling fresh as a daisy and quenched, not like greasy pizza.

Look for things like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. They're like your skincare superheroes, helping your skin stay moist and control extra oil, so your glow is always perfect.

Dry Skin

Is your skin always as thirsty as a desert, guzzling down moisturizer like a fresh glass of lemonade on a roasting hot day? You should go for the richer, cream-based eye creams and moisturizers.

Hunt for ones jam-packed with food for your skin, like ceramides, glycerin, or shea butter. These goodies act like a hydrating haven for your skin, offering it the drink it's been dreaming of!

Combination Skin

You're basically a skilled acrobat with your skin, right?

For you, the golden ticket is eye creams and moisturizers that give deep hydration but don't make your face feel like a greasy pan. Your mission is to water the dry areas of your skin without making the oily parts go into overdrive.

It might sound like walking a tightrope, but with the right skincare saviors, you can totally do it!

Sensitive Skin

If your skin acts like a prima donna in a dramatic soap opera, going from one mood to the next, pick eye creams and moisturizers with calming, hypoallergenic, and scent-free stuff.

Things like chamomile, aloe vera, or allantoin act like a soothing lullaby for your skin, helping to chill out its moody vibes.

Normal Skin

Is your skin as chilled as a yogi in deep zen?

Keep rocking your stellar skincare routine with a yummy eye cream and face moisturizer. These buddies will help keep your skin's zen balance, keeping it in a state of cool calmness.

The magic trick to a glowing complexion is about really listening to your skin and giving it what it needs.

Now that you've got this personalized skincare wisdom, it's time for you to grab the day and let your natural glow shine bright!

Tying It All Up: Your Skincare, Your Rules

Alright, lovelies, it's time to tie this all up with a satin ribbon.

Your skincare routine should be as unique as your DNA, as custom-tailored as a designer dress, and most importantly, as empowering as your favorite pump-up anthem.

Your skin is the canvas, and you, darling, are the artist with a palette of possibilities.

So, whether you're a corporate powerhouse, a free-spirited artist, a domestic deity, or a delightful cocktail of everything in between, your skincare routine should be in harmony with your rhythm of life.

Remember, your skincare ritual is more than a superficial routine; it’s your personal self-love session.

And if you take nothing else from this? Remember the mantra: Eye cream before moisturizer!

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