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Here’s What NOT to Use When Your Skin Is Purging

by Yu-Jun Park 05 Jun 2024

So, your skin decided to have a little purge party, and you weren't invited? 

Say no more. We’ve got you covered. 

Here's the lowdown house rules to follow during this unexpected get-together. 

Knowing what to avoid when the skin is purging is your secret weapon to navigate through this weird skincare saga.

What to avoid when skin is purging?

There's no denying that a skin purge can feel like a cruel joke. 

You start using a new product hoping for smoother, brighter skin. Instead, you wake up to a breakout that seems to have appeared overnight. 

Talk about a disappointing plot twist! But did you know that not all products are villainous when your skin is having a purge fiesta? 

Let's add clarity to this breakout mystery by specifying what you should bid adieu to when your skin is doing its version of spring cleaning.

First and foremost, fly a red flag for alcohol-based products in skincare. They're akin to bad dates – they might seem thrilling initially, but the aftermath usually includes regret and discomfort. 

These products can intensify sensitivity and dryness, which is akin to adding fuel to the fire in the midst of a skin purge. 

Next on the blacklist are products filled with artificial fragrances and colors. 

These may smell and look divine, but they're not for purging skin. Picture this: It's like sending a marching band through a library. It’s disruptive and agitates the calm. Fragrances and artificial colorants can irritate your already angry skin, leading to increased inflammation and prolonged purging.

Beware of the siren's song of exfoliating products too. 

Regular exfoliation can be a ticket to glowing skin city, but not so much during a purge. The skin is already working hard to exfoliate from the inside out, and further exfoliation can damage the skin, prolonging the purge and potentially causing scarring. 

So let's give the microbead scrubs and alpha-hydroxy acids a rain check.

Relentless sun exposure can also put your purging skin under duress. 

Nothing like a UV assault when you're already vulnerable, right? Your skin is extra sensitive during a purge, so it can suffer more sun damage than usual. Higher SPF and wide-brimmed hats, your skin’s new best friends. Beat the heat, and take the backseat!

Sounds like a list of a lot of don’ts, doesn’t it? Stress not! 

Your skin is going through a natural, albeit annoying, process towards a healthier complexion. And while we can’t halt the cleanse, these tips give us a say in how the purge plays out. 

Remember, our skin is a diva, it dislikes heavy makeup during purges. The thicker the wall of foundation, blush, and powder, the harder it is for skin to breathe. Think of it as trapping all the dust in the house when you’re attempting a deep clean.

In short, during a purge, your skin is already at capacity. View it as a crowded elevator - anything additional can be way too much and cause an overflow. 

The idea is to keep products and activities that irritate the skin at arm's length until the purge is completed. 

Remember, purging is your skin’s choreographed routine towards clearer, healthier skin. 

The grand finale? A blemish-free and radiant complexion that would give the moon envy. 

So set aside the irritants, sit back, and let your skin take center stage. 

In the words of every beauty connoisseur ever, "Skin first, makeup second."

Should I stop using salicylic acid when purging?

Well, well, you've struck a hot topic, dear reader. 

Let's cut straight to the chase, shall we? The answer to your pressing question: should you discontinue the use of salicylic acid during a skin purge? 

Drumroll... the answer is a resounding no! You can continue to use salicylic acid even when your skin is purging.

Now, let's delve into the 'why' behind the 'no'. 

Salicylic acid, as you undoubtedly know, is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA). A superstar in skincare, it's loved for its ability to delve deep into pores, clearing out excess sebum and dead skin cells. Sounds great, right? Absolutely!

But wait, what's that you're saying? Your skin is breaking out more since you started using it? Oh, the cruelty! 

Or is it? Let's tread further.

When you introduce salicylic acid, your skin embarks on a cleaning spree. It speeds up the skin's natural shedding process, forcing lurking breakouts to the surface faster. Now, this is where the concept of purging comes into play. 

Purging is like a skin detox, it may look worse before it gets better. In short, your acid is not a villain; it's unmasking hidden impurities, like a skincare detective!

Don’t you worry, your skin's breakout bonanza should calm down after about 4 to 6 weeks. That’s the amount of time it typically takes for your skin to renew itself. (Buzz Aldrin didn’t land on the moon in a day, nay?)

So in the grand scheme of this cosmic skin journey, avoiding salicylic acid during purging is like deciding not to exercise because you’re winded after the warmup. It's the initial hardness that often preempts the good stuff, isn't it?

But wait, another plot twist! There is one circumstance when you might want to consider laying low on salicylic acid during purging. 

Now, pay attention because this is important.

If your skin is dry, flaky, itchy, or unusually sensitive, (think vampire in sunlight kind of sensitive), it may actually be irritated rather than purging. 

Salicylic acid, while a hero ingredient, can be harsh on some skin types, especially if used in high concentrations or combined with other potent ingredients. 

In such a case, it's advisable to reduce the frequency of use or choose a lower concentration. Your skin's comfort should always be your priority. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Skin transformations are slow, but oh-so-worth it.

So, dear reader, we hope that answered your skin-classroom query. 

Keep using that salicylic acid during a purge, unless your skin shows signs of irritation. 

Hang in there, better skin days are on the horizon!

Does moisturizing help purging?

Firstly, let's make it clear: Yes! Moisturizing can indeed be your skin's best friend during a purge. 

Remember, purging means your skin is exfoliating at lightning speed, leading to dryness. And that’s where the mighty moisturizer steps in.

It’s like a superhero, swooping in to rescue parched pores thirsty for hydration. 

Think of it as putting electrolytes back into a workout-battered body, replenishing those fluids in ultimate style. Just as a runner craves water, your skin craves moisture! It’s just science, darling.

But, hold up a second. We're not saying to dive in headfirst into your moisturizing tub. Not all moisturizers are made alike, and some might worsen the purge. 

An unfortunate twist in our tale, but don't fret, we're here to guide you on that path to hydration heaven.

See, those with fragrances or alcohol might irritate the skin. Such ingredients, though appearing innocent, can actually sneak up on your vulnerable skin, stoking the flames of irritation and slowing the great purge. 

Oh, the audacity! These sneaky irritants are about as helpful as pouring gasoline on a fire.

So what should you look for? Choose a moisturizer that's hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. 

Words that wouldn't be out of place at a Spelling Bee, perhaps, but they essentially mean 'unlikely to cause a reaction' and 'doesn't block pores'. Two golden rules to moisturizing during a skin purge.

Consider products with ceramides - these little lipids help your skin retain its natural moisture. They work like a charm to rehydrate, especially during that purge period. They are the helpful little elves tending your skin while it's busy purging.

Hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are also stars of the show. They act like super-absorbent sponges, soaking up water and holding it tight. They're hydration heroes, outperforming their weight in water.

And finally, don’t forget to moisturize both morning and night. This isn't just a one-time, hit-it-and-quit-it sort of affair. It's a love affair, and your skin needs constant attention. 

Remember, consistency is key during a purge.

What CAN I put on purging skin?

This pit-stop of information is all about your raging, purging skin. 

What can it stand? What will make it sing, not scream? 

Here are the green lights on your skincare traffic light system.

  1. Sunscreen: A must, rain or shine. Your skin is like a baby dragon; it needs protection from the elements, and UVA/UVB are chief among them. A mineral sunscreen is your best bet; think of it as a cozy dragon-scale jacket versus chemical fireball.
  1. Hydrating Serum: If skincare were a school, hyaluronic acid would be the Head Prefect. Impressive, important, respected – it ensures your skin holds onto hydration like a dog with its favorite chew toy. Adding this in is as comforting to your skin as a fluffy robe after a cold swim.
  1. Gentle, non-comedogenic cleansers: Washing your face is necessary, but purging skin prefers a feather touch over a bear hug. Using mild, non-comedogenic cleansers is akin to choosing a friendly head pat over hair ruffle.
  1. Spot Treatments: The special ops of skincare, dealing with problems surgically and swiftly. Start with sulfur ointments or benzoyl peroxide and invite them to your skin’s private soirée.

Tailoring your skincare routine to account for purging skin can feel like learning a salsa routine — hard work but lots of fun. 

Embrace the process, dodge the stumbling blocks and dance to the rhythm of your skin's needs. And when it all gets a bit wild, remember, the party (purge) always ends, and when it does, fresh, stellar skin is your door prize. 

The beauty battlefield can be rough, and purging is that sneaky pothole you didn’t see. 

But hold on: guidance, products, and patience are your three best allies. Keep them close, and you'll do more than survive; you'll thrive. 

Yes, 'purge' is a four-letter word in skincare, but it's also the prelude to triumphant skin stories. 

So, keep that chin high, skin warrior!

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