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How to Get Glass Skin — The Korean Way

by Yu-Jun Park 29 Apr 2024

You've heard about it, seen it, and now you're dying to know:

How do you get that coveted, porcelain-like glass skin? 

Well, my skincare savvy friends, sit tight and listen up! This ride to glowing glory isn't about quick fixes, it's about consistent care. 

Ready? Buckle up!

How do you get glass skin naturally?

The first crucial point - hydration. 

Now, we're not talking about your 8 glasses a day (although bravo if you're hitting that). 

We're talking about hydrating your skin directly. 

Hyaluronic acid, glycerin - these are your new BFFs. These stars of skincare act like thirsty little sponges, attracting moisture and trapping it in your skin. The result? Plumped up, dewy deliciousness! 

Secondly, make friends with exfoliation. 

Those dead, dull skin cells sitting on the surface of your skin? Yeah, they're a glow-killer. 

But don't rush to scrub your skin raw, gentle is the name of the game here. Aim for a chemical exfoliant; they edge out your traditional scrubs. 

Look for ones with AHAs or BHAs, they’re some of the gentlest on the market. These little beauties work to gently dissolve dead cells, revealing softer, brighter skin beneath. 

But, warning! Don't jump in too fast. Ease into exfoliation in baby steps, start off with a couple of nights a week then gradually increase. Overdoing it can cause redness and dryness, the polar opposite of that glass skin glow we're chasing.

Next up, lock in moisture with a powerhouse serum. It’s a non-negotiable. 

Serums can penetrate deeply to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients. You want something brimming with antioxidants (hello, vitamin C!) and moisture-boosting properties. This step might sound fancy, but trust us, your skin will say thank you.

Now enter stage left, retinoids! They’re the skincare world's darling for a reason. 

These vitamin A derivatives can encourage cell turnover, boost collagen production, and even pigmentation. A treat for your skin, sure, but remember they can be drying. Tiny amounts are the secret, and always, always at night (they're sensitive to sunlight).

And let’s not forget the importance of sunscreen. 

Surprise, surprise, the sun's UV rays aren't doing your glass skin journey any favors. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), and make sure you reapply every two hours during daylight. 

And finally – patience. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is glass skin. Consistency with the above steps will eventually lead to that ‘translucent’, glass-like complexion of your dreams!

How is Korean skin so flawless?

Ah, the age-old question that’s fascinated skincare enthusiasts around the globe! 

Like a well-kept secret, that flawless Korean skin captivates us. 

But as we've learned from Korean skincare ethos, it's not about instant-gratification, but rather, an investment over time. 

Psst.. it’s not wizardry, but a mixture of commitment to routine, quality skincare products, and a focus on hydration and protection. 

Let's dive deep into the magical cauldron!

Korean skincare emphasizes a ‘skin first’ philosophy. Back away, concealers and foundations, it's time for skincare to take the center stage. 

Their holistic approach to skincare involves recognizing the connection between skin health and overall well-being. Stress less and laugh more, because your skin is listening! 

They are not winning this skincare game without their personalized and intensive regimes either. 

You've probably heard about the celebrated ten-step Korean skincare routine, right? 

It’s a famous (and infamous) cultural norm involving double-cleansing, toners, essences, serums, sheet masks, eye creams, moisturizer, sunblock...yada yada yada. 

Intimidating? Maybe. But remember, it's all about layering the products correctly and consistently. The secret lies in the commitment to this step-by-step routine, designed to meet individual skin needs. 

Now let's chat about the power-packed products Korean skincare swears by. 

Think of ingredients like snail mucin, bee venom, or even starfish extract! 

Strange? Don't knock it before you’ve tried it. These ingredients are recognized for their healing and rejuvenating abilities. And no, they don’t play around with harsh chemicals. Salute to their love for nature and ancient herbal wisdom! 

And then, again, there's this thing with hydration. Korean skincare philosophy believes in quenching the skin's thirst, keeping it plumped up and glowing. 

Sheet masks, an essential K-beauty product, are like hydration heroes that infuse potent ingredients and moisture directly into the skin. So, ease up on that Netflix binge, slap on a sheet mask, and chill.

Finally, here's the showstopper - sun protection. 

Yes, we’ve mentioned it already. No, we’re not sorry.

Korean skincare routines never miss the all-important sunscreen, whether it's rainy or sun-shiny. 

Frowning at the cloudy sky wondering why you need sunscreen? Sun damages can occur, even when the sun is playing hide and seek. It's the ultra-violet rays you need to watch out for, not the brightness of the day. SPF every day keeps premature-aging at bay, as the Korean skincare mantra goes. 

To sum it up, it's a trifecta of ritual, products, and lifestyle that lands Korean skin in “flawless” territory. 

The vibrant K-beauty sector is driven by research and innovation, constantly developing cutting-edge products that aim to nurture and protect the skin. It's a love affair with the skin, nourishing it steadily to bloom with time, rather than a quick-fix solution. 

How is Korean skin so flawless, you ask? Now you know – patience, consistency, quality over quantity, and an unabashed love for the skin!

What else will give me glass skin?

Is there more to glass skin than skincare products?

Definitely! Achieving glass skin is not only a matter of dusting your epidermis with nifty skincare products. Of course, they can provide a spectacular boost, but let's go beyond topical applications and dive deeper.

The magic key? Holistic lifestyle changes that serve up glow from the inside out. 

Think hydration. Yes, we’ve been harping on about it, but this time we're not talking about slathering on moisturizer - although that's important too. 

Hydrating your body with adequate water intake is paramount. Rehydrate often. 

Water not only replenishes your skin's moisture but blesses your body with the essential detox it direly needs. It's clear: hydration is key to unveil that magic glass skin we seek, clearing up blemishes, and making your skin plump with youthful elasticity. 

What about food? 

Indeed, mindful eating has a starring role. Feed your skin nutritionally rich food. 

Incorporate antioxidant-rich foods into your meals as they combat skin oxidative stress, push up collagen production, both of which are fundamental to giving your skin that luminous glow. 

Up your intake of fruits like pomegranates and berries, and don't forget your veggies - think leafy greens! A diet rich in good fats, like omega-3 from salmon and avocados can also support that radiant, glass skin look.

Next up is sleep. It isn’t nicknamed 'beauty sleep' for nothing. 

Sleep deprivation is known to cause dull, lifeless skin and a plethora of skincare woes like dark circles and sagging skin. Adequate snooze time allows your skin cells to rejuvenate and regenerate, so it's essential to clock up those eight hours of sleep a day for glass skin.

And, oh, it's not all about the physical—your mindset counts too. It's pivotal to embrace the skin you're in, each distinct freckle, each unexpected pimple. 

These unique quirks are what make you, well—you! Recognizing their unique beauty is part of the journey towards achieving glass skin too. 

So, bravo! You've made it this far, absorbed all this enlightening intelligence right down to your skin cells. 

You're now a glass skin enthusiast, level unlocked! 

Remember, it is not vain to want glass skin. It's about applauding yourself, each microdermabrasion, each steam, each mask sheet, or… whatever you’re into — commemorating the journey you undertake with your own body, making skincare not a chore but a playing field teeming with fun and excitement.

How to double cleanse?

Okay, you're here, eager and ready to master the double cleanse technique - the holy grail of glass skin routine. 

Well, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and deserve that radiating complexion. 

First, you don't go all wild and lather your face with two thick foams.

Step 1: Oil-based cleanse. 

Yes, you heard that right. An oil-based cleanser is your numero uno here. Imagine this as your mini knight, equipped with invisible swords, breaking down all the makeup. It also fights off the pesky dirt, pollution and all those excess oils. 

And guess what? 

This doesn’t interfere with your skin’s natural flora. Just massage it gently and watch as every stubborn speck of makeup just melts away. 

Whoosh! Sounds magical, huh? 

In tackling waterproof mascaras and stubborn lipsticks, lightly hold a soaked cleansing pad on the area. Marvel as it breaks it all down like a warrior against a fortress wall. 

But we aren't done yet. That's just half of it.

Step 2: Foam or Water-based cleanse. 

After quitting the oil-ward, enter the water hero. This is a more ‘traditional’ concept of cleansing. You rinse the day away, giving your face a squeaky clean feel – oh, that glass-skin dream! This phase waves a loving goodbye to any remaining residue. 

A gentle, hydrating cleanser – that's the champ you're looking for here. Massage onto your face in light, circular movements. Remember to cherish this soothing skin-moment.

Now, in between all this, a word of caution - beware of the water temperature. 

Scalding water? Yikes! A big no-no. Too hot and you risk dehydrating your skin, and we don't want that, do we? 

Instead, opt for lukewarm water. It's you, not a lobster you're boiling there! 

Lukewarm is the point to aim for. You want water that's warm enough to dissolve the products and cold enough not to shock your skin. 

So, you manage the oil-cleanse, you ace the water-ward. What’s next? Just pat your skin dry. No hot stuff again – use a gentle, non-abrasive towel. And voila, your double cleanse is complete! 

But hold on – don’t rush in with this twice a day. 

Night time? Heck yes! Give your face that deep cleanse it oh-so deserves after a hard day's work. Mornings? Not necessary. Your skin hasn’t been putting on a battle against dirt while you're tucked under those cozy blankets.

And if you think, "Wait, wouldn't double cleanse strip my skin off its natural oils?", breathe easy. 

Using a gentle, hydrating cleanser in your routine should keep your skin happy. And, with a good moisturizer to follow up, the fear of dehydrating your skin? Pish posh! You have that under control.

At the end of the day, your double cleanse routine is all about firing up your skincare regime, powering up your face for what comes next. And who doesn't want to look in the mirror, witnessing the fresh glow of their cleansed, radiant glass skin, right? 

So don’t stop chasing that glass-skinned glow, skinthusiast. Like anything worth having, it would be boring if it came too easily. 

You’ve got this!

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