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Should You Use Copper Peptides on Wet or Dry Skin?

by Yu-Jun Park 17 Apr 2024

Hey, gorgeous! 

Today, we're going to deep-dive into a hot topic on everyone's lips, (or should we say, skin?): copper peptides

Rumor has it, they're the new rockstar of the skincare town. Even K Beauty aficionados swear by them. 

Yes, the same KBeauty or Korean skincare regime that has brought us those stunning glass-like complexions.

But there’s one burning question that a surprising number of savvy skin-carers still don’t know the answer to:

Should copper peptides be applied on damp skin?

We won’t keep you waiting.

Short answer? Absolutely! For the best results, it's recommended to apply copper peptides on damp skin. 

But let's dig a bit deeper to unveil why applying these peptides to a moist surface can make a significant difference. 

This isn't just a whimsical beauty tip – there's some fascinating biochemistry at play.

Copper peptides are essentially tiny particles made up of copper molecules linked to protein fragments called peptides. 

Peptides are scientifically noteworthy for their skin benefits, acting as tiny messengers, easing skin inflammation and promoting collagen production.

Of course, I hear you ask, "What's the big deal about copper?" 

Well, copper is just as important, if not more so. It's a potent micronutrient that aids in the healing and regeneration process of our skin. When we apply copper peptides, we're effectively giving our skin a VIP ticket to rejuvenation.

So, why damp skin, you ask? 

It's all about permeability and absorption, honey. 

Ideally, skin care products penetrate the epidermis to target cells directly, to really get the party started. This is where water comes into play.

Wet or damp skin is much more receptive to absorption than its dry counterpart. 

In the world of skin science, this is known as hydration-enhanced percutaneous absorption (try saying that after a glass of wine!). 

You see, water molecules can disrupt the lipid (fat) bilayer of our skin cells, making them more permeable to the application of certain products.

So logically, wetting your skin before the application of copper peptides increases their absorption, meaning that more of these potent particles are reaching their destination. Think of it as greasing the wheels of your skincare regimen.

But beware! It's not a good idea to go splashing buckets of water onto your face before use. The skin should be slightly damp but not drenched. A gentle pat with a warm damp cloth should do the trick.

It's also worth noting that copper peptides can cause a slight tingling sensation. This tingling is entirely normal and to be expected. It’s the peptides doing their work.

And voilà! There you have it, the science behind applying copper peptides on damp skin. So get to it; dampen that face and let those copper peptides dance their way into your skin cells.

How do you use copper peptides on your skin?

So, you've got your copper peptides, and you're wondering, "What's next? How do I put this liquid gold to work?" 

We're here to guide you on this journey. Buckle up!

First, let's get clear on how smart you were to get on the copper peptide train. These powerful little components are known to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Think of them as workers building up the skin’s firmness foundations. 

But right, the 'how'. Let's dive in.

Before you even uncap that bottle, make sure your skin is ready. 

  • Cleanse your face with a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser. This removes dirt and oils, clearing the way for your copper peptides. 
  • Next, dry your skin, but hey, not too much. A slightly damp face allows for better absorption. Think about a sponge, and how it eats up more water when it's a tad moist. The same principle applies here.
  • Now, on to the star of the show. No drumroll needed. It's copper peptide time.

    With your skin clean and a tad dewy, it's time to apply your copper peptides. One or two drops should suffice — don't go overboard. That whole "more is better" thing doesn't apply here. 

Using your fingers, gently massage the serum into your skin. 

Use upward strokes — gravity, we're defying you. Imagine you're boosting your skin’s vitality, because, well, you are. 

Copper peptide serums sometimes have a blueish hue, but don't worry, you're not turning into a Smurf. The color will fade as you blend it into your skin.

And now, we wait. 

Allow the copper peptide serum to absorb fully into your skin. This is vital. It's like your serum is a VIP, and your skin is the exclusive party it needs to get into. Give it, say, five to ten minutes. 

What’s that you ask? Can you multitask while the serum does its thing? 

Well, if you're an absolute pro at not touching your face while browsing Instagram, then sure! But the main goal is to give that serum its moment in the spotlight. 

With your serum fully absorbed and doing its magic, you can proceed with the rest of your skincare routine. 

Moisturizer? Check. Sunscreen? Absolutely, especially during the day. 

Use your copper peptide serum once or twice a day, based on your skin's response. 

Done in the morning? High five! In the evening too? Even better. 

Remember, consistency is key. 

Trust the process, and give it time. Your skin didn't wrinkle overnight, and it won't smooth out that quickly either. 

But with regular use of copper peptides, expect firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.

So, that's the scoop. Easy, peasy, right?

How do you layer copper peptides?

Excellent question! 

Layering copper peptides in your skincare routine can seem like a chemistry experiment. Except this one leaves you with glowing skin. 

But don’t feel pressured to don lab coats, let's dive right in.

First, let's understand what layering is all about. 

Layering skincare products is a technique that allows multiple products to work together to enhance your skin. It's not a "top the cake till it topples" deal. Instead, it's more about partnering the right ingredients in the right sequence.

So, how to layer copper peptides?

Begin with a clean canvas. Use a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. Remember, every artist needs a clean canvas, and the art we're creating here is beautiful skin!

Second comes using your copper peptide product. Be it serum or cream, apply it to slightly damp skin. Why damp, you ask? Well, a little moisture helps the product to penetrate deeply, ensuring maximum effect. Now, we're getting into the good stuff!

Pat the product in, don't rub. Applying it in gentle upward motions can help distribute the product more evenly. And let's not forget the magic word: absorption. This is the skin's 'accept' button - ensuring all the copper peptide goodness sinks in!

Wait, yes, wait. Give your skin some time to absorb the copper peptides fully. A rule of thumb? Wait for about five minutes post-application. 

It's like when the pizza delivery guy says, "Give it 5 minutes before you take a slice." (He wants you to enjoy it at its best, and so do we!)

Up next, moisturizer! 

Hydration is a key factor in maintaining skin health. You've given your skin active components with copper peptides, now seal the deal with a moisturizer. It locks in the ingredients while providing a hydration boost. Woohoo!

Finally, during the daytime, follow up with sunscreen (Yes, we're sliding in that friendly reminder… again). UV protection is non-negotiable. By adding a broad-spectrum SPF, you're shielding your skin from potential damage.

Now a word of caution (a slight detour, but essential): when layering copper peptides, avoid using high-concentration vitamin C or acidic products in the same routine. These may decrease the effectiveness of the peptides.

So, there you have it, dear reader. A comprehensive blueprint for layering copper peptides without a hitch!

Can you use copper peptides under your eyes?

Extra extra, read all about it! 

All hail those wonderful copper peptides! Just like an unbiased and hard-working intern, they're willing to put in the work anywhere, even in the offices of your fragile under-eye region. 

Trust me, they aren't shy at all!

As they toil away relentlessly, they work to firm up the understaffed skin cells and rejuvenate the exhausted collagen factories in the region. 

In simpler terms? Copper peptides can indeed be highly beneficial for your delicate under-eye skin.

But now, disclaimer ahead. Even though these peptides can be the secret agents of skin rejuvenation under your eyes, caution is the name of the game. 

Think of the under-eye region like a party where everyone's having a good time, but things can get a little too rowdy. These under-eye areas are more sensitive and may not tolerate a heavy-handed application of potent serums or creams.

So, what's the process of application for those under eyes? 

Well, first, take a gander at the clock and figure out whether it's a day of bright sunshine or a cool moonlit night. Plan the application of copper peptides accordingly, keeping in mind to add a broad-spectrum SPF into the mix if it's a sunny day.

Next, wash your face thoroughly to clear off the makeup, oil, and buildup. When applying copper peptides under the eyes, remember - "sparingly but surely" is the motto. 

Apply a small quantity of the product, all the while gently dabbing it under the eyes. No hurried swipes or rough applications here.

Now, you may be wondering how long you should wait before you apply other skincare products. 

This is where the "wait and watch" rule applies. Don't hastily apply another product after the peptides. Let the patch under your eyes breathe for a while before layering on the next product.


  • What exactly are copper peptides again?

    Imagine little helpers sent by the skincare gods to do the heavy lifting for your skin. They are naturally occurring compounds, organized like a well-prepared army, that bolster the skin's elasticity and overall firmness.
  • Who can use copper peptides?

    The good news is that copper peptides rarely pick fights, so most skin types can cozy up to them quite well. But remember, skin is as unique as fingerprints. Hence, if any rash, redness, or irritation waves a red flag, abort the mission and consult your dermatologist asap.
  • Are copper peptides a big thing in K-Beauty?

    Oh, absolutely! Think of K-Beauty as the shiny new Silicon Valley where innovation is queen - copper peptides fit in quite nicely in the ever-evolving skincare tech space.
  • Damp skin over Dry skin? Why though?

    This one's simple, really! Your skin, when wet, is more primed to soak up the goodness of your skincare products over when it's dry. Think about a thirsty sponge that's perfectly ready for a quenching gulp of water.

And that concludes our copper peptide manifesto! 

Make friends with them and your under-eyes — and your entire complexion — will thank you for it. 

Let's get that glow on, babe!

  1. If you’re thinking “that’s great, but just where do I get hold of this stuff?” Well, you don’t need to go slathering science experiments on your face. It turns out that nature’s very own snail mucin is a prime source of nourishing copper peptides by itself — so just grab a bottle of snail mucin serum and let Mother Nature do the rest!

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