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The REAL Correct Korean Skin Care Routine Order!

by Yu-Jun Park 18 Sep 2023

Hey you, Glow-Getter!

Ever wondered why every K-Drama lead seems to have skin that glows brighter than our future?

What’s their secret sauce?

Drumroll… It’s their sacred skin care routine!

We’re about to break it down for you. Grab your day planner (or nightcap) because it’s about to get personal.

Sunny Side Up: The Daytime Routine

Morning is not just about stretching out those arms and planning the day—it’s about showing some major love to that face of yours.

Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of our no-fail daytime regimen that’s got both science and sass backing it up!

1. The Splash-Off: Face Wash

Why It Matters: Picture this—your skin, while you’re tucked away in dreamland, has been tirelessly shedding dead cells and producing natural oils.

Combine this with any lingering night products, and what you’ve got is a mini-party of residues waiting to be cleaned up.

Cleansing your face first thing in the morning ensures you’re not locking in this mix with your AM products.

Tip-Top Tip: Use lukewarm water. It opens up your pores just enough to cleanse, without drying out your skin. When you’re done, gently pat your face. No rubbing – we're not trying to start a fire!

2. Smooth Groove: Exfoliating Toner

The Science: Exfoliating isn’t just about scrubbing away dead skin cells. At a microscopic level, exfoliation encourages skin turnover, and the faster this turnover, the fresher your face looks.

And toners? They’re the unsung heroes that restore your skin’s natural pH levels post-cleanse. Combine the two, and you have a power-packed step to ensure your skin’s not only fresh but balanced.

How-To: Swipe it on using cotton pads. Go upward in motion. We’re defying gravity, remember?

3. Mist-erious Magic: Korean Essence Face Mist

The Deets: Korean Essence isn’t just fancy water. It’s packed with active ingredients that deeply penetrate and hydrate your skin. Mists prepare your face to absorb the goodness of everything that follows.

Why Spritz? The morning rush, the commute stress, the endless to-dos—yep, our skin feels it all. A good mist acts as a barrier, ensuring pollutants and stressors have a tougher time breaking through.

Spritz Pro Tip: Hold the bottle a few inches away, close your eyes, and spray. Take a moment to breathe in. Ah, serenity!

4. Hello, Radiance: Day Glow Serum

Glow-101: Serums are like specialized soldiers. They have a mission, and it’s to target specific skin concerns. Our Day Glow Serum is packed with antioxidants, meaning it’s gearing your skin up to fight off environmental baddies.

Why It’s Your AM Buddy: Sunlight, even those harmless-looking rays, brings with it free radicals—unstable atoms that can damage your skin cells. Your day serum gives you a protective shield, ensuring you're not just glowing, but also guarded.

Application Magic: Warm it up between your fingers and gently press it onto your face. Your skin’s warmth helps in absorbing the serum better.

5. Finishing Touch: Moisturizer

Decoding The Moisture Mantra: Imagine moisturizing as wrapping your skin in the softest, fluffiest cloud. A good moisturizer doesn’t just add hydration; it locks in all the product goodness you’ve layered on before.

Lock and Load: Your skin naturally loses moisture through a process called Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Sounds fancy, right? In layman's terms, it’s your skin saying, “I need a drink!” A moisturizer acts as that tall glass of water, quenching your skin’s thirst and ensuring all the juicy hydration stays put.

Make It Count: Apply in upward strokes. Your skin and gravity have a long-standing feud – always back your skin!

Bringing It All Together

Morning routines set the mood, not just for your day, but also for your skin.

Each step has a unique role—cleansing ensures a blank canvas, exfoliating maintains cellular health, mists hydrate and shield, serums target and defend, and moisturizers hydrate and lock.

Together, they’re like the perfect band, each playing its part, ensuring the music—er, skin magic—never stops.

Night Owls Rejoice: The Nighttime Ritual

As dusk falls and the city winds down, your skin is just about getting started on its own magic. Night is when your skin’s repair mechanisms go into hyperdrive, and the right nighttime routine can be like giving it the best toolkit to do the job.

Let’s dive into the serene depths of the night with our starlit ritual.

1. Clean Slate: Cleanser

Why the Night Cleanse Matters: Think of all the microscopic gunk – pollution, sweat, excess oils, makeup remnants – that your skin's been marinating in all day. Yep, it's a cocktail you don't want. Night cleansing ensures you’re giving your skin a fresh start.

The Right Approach: Use gentle circular motions. Your face isn't a scrubbing pad, so be kind. And while we're at it, remember the neck – it's like the prologue to your skin’s story and deserves equal love.

2. Tone Down to Dream: Toner

Science Speaks: While cleansers whisk away the dirt, they might slightly disrupt your skin's natural pH. Enter: toners. They help restore this balance, ensuring your skin is neutral and ready for the goodness that follows.

Swipe Right: Opt for a gentle, hydrating toner. Your skin is about to embark on its nightly repair journey – hydration is the first ticket!

3. Twinkle All Night: Retinol Night Serum

Retinol 101: Retinol is like the wizard of the skincare world. It speeds up cell turnover, boosts collagen production, and reduces fine lines. It’s like the command center directing skin cells to act younger and fresher.

Make the Most of It: Always apply retinol to dry skin – water can hamper its absorption. And hey, remember, a little goes a long way! It's potent, so start small and watch your skin transform.

Cautionary Tale: Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, even hours after you’ve washed it off. So, while it's a nighttime buddy, don't forget your sunscreen during the day.

4. Night’s Soft Embrace: Moisturizer

Moisture Magic: Your skin loses hydration at night. But here’s the kicker – it also absorbs products better! The logic’s pretty neat: as your skin is not fighting off external aggressors like the sun and pollutants, it can focus on repair and rejuvenation.

Layer It Right: Your night moisturizer is thicker than its daytime counterpart for a reason. It’s meant to provide an extended hydration session, ensuring all the actives you’ve put on before have a moist environment to work in.

Massage Bonus: Take a minute to massage as you apply. It boosts circulation, helps in absorption, and gives you that plush, pillowy feel. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Let’s Connect the Dots - I Mean, the Z’s!

Ever wondered why they call it beauty sleep? Night is when your skin cells get to work, repairing, regenerating, and rebelling against the day's stressors. Each step of your nighttime routine – cleansing, toning, seruming, and moisturizing – is a chapter in the rejuvenation story.

And here's the big takeaway: it’s not just about slapping on products. It's about understanding how they work, in what order, and why.

With each step, you're aiding your skin’s natural healing rhythms. You’re giving it the ingredients and environment it needs to wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face another day.

Busting Myths: When Less is the New More in K-beauty

Alright, all you radiant souls, it's time for some real talk. Dive in as we unveil one of the most whispered-about legends in the beauty cosmos: the 10-step Korean skincare routine.

The 10-Step Odyssey

You might’ve heard about it – this seemingly endless parade of products that promise otherworldly skin. Double cleanse, toner, essence, emulsion, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer... (need we go on?).

Behind the Legend

Here's the science bit. Our skin has needs, no doubt. But those needs aren't always about quantity. It’s like having ten pairs of shoes when you really only wear three. Your skin can't wear all the products at once without feeling, well, a bit cluttered.

Too many products can cause ingredient overload, leading to potential irritation or breakout.

The Less-Is-More Mantra

Our vibe is “precision over excess.”

Why? Because our skin, like us, craves focus.

Targeted care, honed to address specific needs, is more effective than a blanket approach.

Think of it this way: Would you rather a friend shout ten different pieces of advice at you, or sit you down and offer two solid, game-changing tips? Your skin feels the same way.

Masking: The K-beauty Dessert

But hey, we’re all about treating ourselves!

Enter: masking.

Think of masks as those desserts you don’t have every day but absolutely cherish when you do.

Depending on your skin's mood (yes, it has moods!), delve into a rejuvenating mask 1-2 times a week. Whether it's for hydration, detoxifying, or a brightening boost, masks can be that extra love note you write to your skin. It’s not about needing it; it’s about enjoying it.

And just like that occasional chocolate truffle, it's 100% guilt-free and 200% joy.

Connecting the Dots

So, what’s the real tea? Tailored routines with a focus on individual skin needs reign supreme. It's not about mimicking every step you hear about.

Instead, it’s about understanding YOUR skin, its whims, its wishes, and its woah-I-need-help moments. And while the 10-step routine is a fabulous spectacle, there’s beauty in simplicity, clarity, and intention.

And let's face it: in our busy world, streamlining can be a savior. Fewer steps mean more time to enjoy the process, to really connect with each product, and to listen to your skin. Less fuss, more mindfulness.

The Glow-Getter's FAQ Arena

Q: But wait, what if I’ve got super sensitive skin?

A: First off, high-five to all you tender-skinned warriors! Here's the game plan: Always, always do a patch test before introducing a new product. Your inner wrist or behind the ear are great spots. And remember, less is sometimes more for sensitive souls. Start slow, gauge reactions, and then gradually build. Tailor the routine so your skin feels comfortable, not overwhelmed. Your skin is like that bestie who whispers secrets - all you gotta do is listen!

Q: Why all the emphasis on daytime vs. nighttime routines?

A: It's all about syncing with your skin's natural rhythms! During the day, your skin is that brave knight, fighting off UV rays, pollution, and other environmental villains. It needs armor – hence, protection mode. Come night, it’s like the worker bees in a hive, repairing, rejuvenating, and resetting for a new day. Hence, the repair mode. Two different missions, two tailored routines!

Q: OMG! I forgot a step; is it all ruined?

A: Hey, we get it - life happens! Here's the good news: Skincare isn't about one perfect day; it's about the bigger picture. Think of it like your favorite series. Missed an episode? You can always catch up. The magic lies in staying consistent overall. So, take a deep breath, chin up, and remember: Your skin appreciates all your love, whether you miss a step or not!

Less Complexity, Maximum Glow!

So there you have it, gorgeous! A guide to make you not just look, but feel like the K-Drama star of your life.


Every routine is a promise—a pledge to yourself that says, "I care for me."


Because skincare is not just about products; it’s about moments, memories, and a whole lot of Seoul!


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