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The Surprising Benefits of Royal Jelly for Your Skin

by Yu-Jun Park 07 Mar 2024

Hey, beautiful humans! 

Have you considered adding some royal charm to your beauty regime? 

Let's talk about something juicy, sweet, and totally regal: royal jelly. 

It might sound like an item from a fantasy novel, but this stuff is for real, and it’s got some insane skin benefits that are worth chatting about!

What does royal jelly do to the skin?

Did you know that proteins are the building blocks that help regenerate skin cells? 

Well, royal jelly is a protein-rich power-pack, making it a key ally for us in the battle against the aging process! 

When applied to your skin, it works diligently to rejuvenate, repairing damage and refreshing those tired cells. 

Tada! You've got yourself glowing, youthful skin that demands attention. You can thank the bees later

Now, let's shadow box with that villain we know as dull skin. 

Enter stage left, royal jelly, with its rich store of vitamins and sugars, the perfect protagonists to re-energize your skin. 

The vitamins A, C and E contained in royal jelly are reputed for their ability to brighten and bring life back to dull, fatigue-ridden skin while sugars hydrate and soften. What a team! 

Meanwhile, the vitamin D in royal jelly plays the unsung hero. 

Its function? Embodying the role of an immune system bolstering shield, it helps to protect your skin from environmental stressors like pollution. 

At the same time, it works in concert with good ol' Vitamin A to maintain and improve skin health. As they collaborate behind the scenes, they create a stronger skin barrier, bolster your skin's resilience, and hold fort against unwanted invaders like acne and irritation. 

The fats in royal jelly, necessary for plump and moisturized skin, should also not be overlooked. They contribute to a robust skin barrier that locks in the moisture and locks out dryness. Bonus point, fats imbue that supple, dewy look every skincare junkie hankers after. 

Or maybe you’re experiencing stress and skin damage from the sun? Fret not! 

The antioxidant compounds found in royal jelly are your trusty bodyguards. They fight tooth and nail against harmful free radicals that result from sun exposure. 

As far as royal jelly’s claim to skincare fame is concerned, its ability to enhance collagen production is the show-stopper. 

The significant role collagen plays in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness is well documented. Royal jelly ensures your collagen production doesn't slack, helping your skin to retain its youthful charm and radiant glow. 

Indeed, if your skin care goals involve rejuvenation, hydration, and radiance, royal jelly's powerful impact can be a game-changer. Its mix of hydration properties and nutrient abundance makes it a super ally for your skin, eager to bestow upon it a queen-like treatment. 

Can I leave royal jelly on my face?

The good news? 

Royal jelly is indeed non-irritating and safe for most skin types.

To understand it better, let’s take a closer look at what this good stuff actually is.

Royal jelly is a substance produced by worker honey bees to feed the queen bee while she’s growing. It's a potent blend of water, proteins, sugars, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

Think of it as the bee-equivalent of caviar, except it's the queen bee feasting on it. 

Now, we already have a good idea of why this nature's ambrosia is good for your skin. It’s packed with nutrients and offers antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and healing benefits. 

Royal jelly's other star ingredient is royalactin, a protein believed to possess various health properties, including cell regeneration and collagen production, amongst others.

So, the crux is, you can leave royal jelly on your face because it's a hard charging nutrient boost for your skin. It’s on par with the most nourishing of moisturizers and serums, leaving your skin hydrated, nurtured, and beaming with health.

Now, how, you ask, in a routine already teeming with products, do I use royal jelly without cramping your application style? 

Well, use it as you would apply a serum or a moisturizer. You've got your daily skincare routine, right? 

After cleansing and toning, you introduce a serum blended with royal jelly.

Work it into your skin gently. Start from the inner corners of your face and work outward, with small circular motions. This has dual benefits - it aids absorption and simultaneously stimulates blood circulation. 

Now, let it dry. Some describe it as a 'second skin,' which can feel a bit weird initially. But trust us, your skin will love it. 

And yes, you can absolutely leave it on! It's not a face mask; no rinsing is required—ever! Let it sink in and work its magic. 

On a side note, while royal jelly can transform your skin and give it a royal glow, it's not a substitute for your basic skincare regimen. Also refrain from hopping on the royal jelly bandwagon if you're allergic to bee products. A skin patch test will always stand you in good stead.

In summary, royal jelly, this elixir of the Queen Bee, is a luxurious skin treatment you're going to wear day in and day out without washing it off. So, your royal jelly saga should follow the path of: cleanse, tone, royal jelly serum, then seal the deal with sunscreen in the daytime and a rejuvenating night cream in the evening. 

Skincare is an exhilarating journey, and with ingredients like these, it becomes a downright royal affair. 

Here's to striving for "Queen Bee" glow! Because, hey, who doesn't want to radiate regal elegance?

Does royal jelly increase collagen?

Absolutely, yes! Royal jelly does indeed boost collagen

If this regal ingredient were a superhero, boosting collagen would be its superpower. 

But before we dive into the fascinating world of royal jelly and collagen, let's take a tiny detour and talk about proteins. 

You might recall our delightful chat about proteins earlier in this article. Their role wasn't just mentioned out of scientific curiosity. Proteins, specifically some unique ones found in royal jelly, play a pivotal role in promoting collagen production.

Collagen, that wondrous unicorn of the skincare world, is the secret behind plump, youthful, and wrinkle-free skin. It's basically a natural spring mattress for your skin, providing that alluring bounce and firmness that we often associate with the fountain of youth. 

But as we age (or enthusiastically gain wisdom, if you prefer), our bodies' collagen-production factories start slowing down. 

This slowdown means less of that precious bounciness, leading to unwelcome wrinkles and sagging. 

Oh, the horror! 

But this is exactly where royal jelly, with its fabulous cape blazing, swoops in to save the day. 

Sounds like an episode straight from an enchanting graphic novel, right?

So, how does this happen? 

Well, royal jelly contains an exclusive band of proteins known as royalactin and apisimin. Think of these proteins as personal trainers for your skin cells, egging them on to produce collagen.

Science tells us that these proteins trigger a response in your skin cells, causing them to up their collagen production. In simpler terms, royalactin and apisimin are like the team captains in a pep rally, leading the skin cells in a spirited chant of, "We want collagen, we need collagen", and lo and behold, the cells deliver!

But the royal jelly magic doesn't stop there; remember that it also houses vitamins, lipids (fats), and sugars that work together in harmony to further encourage collagen growth, effectively turning your skin into a luxury, five-star collagen resort. 

Additionally, royal jelly offers a smorgasbord of antioxidant components, specifically phenolic compounds. 

Now, antioxidants are like bouncers of a nightclub, preventing pesky free radicals from crashing the party and causing oxidative stress, which can fast-track the aging process. 

By fighting off these destructive free radicals, antioxidants protect our skin and provide an optimal environment for our collagen production line to continue churning out its life-giving products.

So, to recapitulate: yes, royal jelly does indeed increase collagen production, and it does so through a fantastic symphony of proteins, vitamins, lipids, sugars, and antioxidants. It's a power-packed elixir for redefining youthfulness.

Is royal jelly good for wrinkles?

Bursting the bubble in the hotly debated beauty world: yes, royal jelly is absolutely your ally in the battle against wrinkles!

With its potent miracle-working properties, it's no wonder that royal jelly is often coined as the "elixir of youth." 

But what makes it a heavyweight contender in the wrinkle-smoothing arena?

Let's take another microscopic look at this natural wonder, and how that all-important skin protein – collagen — relates to the wrinkles that show up on your face. 

Collagen is the skin's superstar, synonymous with firm, youthful skin. It’s the critical component that is largely responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness, and that much-desired 'bounce.' 

As we know by now, the deal is that as we age, collagen production in our bodies slows down, and the elastin, the substance that keeps collagen bouncing back, begins to slack. That's when, like uninvited guests, fine lines and wrinkles start showing up.

Now, enter royal jelly, the magic bullet from the beehive. 

In the bee world, remember, it's the exclusive diet of their ever-youthful queen bees.

This golden goo sends out commands to the skin's fibroblasts, triggering the production of collagen and thereby enhancing skin elasticity. Essentially, it's like a royal decree for your skin cells: "Produce collagen now, and stay youthful!"

So incorporate royal jelly judiciously into your existing skincare routine. It may mingle well with your routine serums or creams, or it may shine as a standalone product, depending upon your skin's texture and needs. 

Use a moderate amount of royal jelly, and bingo! You have yourself a powerful, natural tool to maintain the dignity of mature skin, all in the comfort of your abode.

Remember the essence of the K-beauty philosophy: it's more than just a legion of skin products—it's a commitment to nurturing your skin, celebrating your body's inherent capabilities, and embracing yourself as a unique entity worthy of self-love. 

It proudly promotes the notion of skin-longevity over short term, quick fixes.

So, as we close the chapter on this golden wonder of royal jelly, remember that aging is a natural process, and there's nothing more en-vogue than aging gracefully. 

Fine lines should be seen as laughter imprints or experience marks of your glorious journey. 

And as we seek nature's assistance to maintain our skin's health, let's not forget to embrace our unique beauty and celebrate ourselves. 

Until our next dive into the beauty world's wonders, stay bright, stay beautiful, and keep your beauty regimen fittingly royal!


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