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Toner Before or After Moisturizer? It's More of a Science Than You'd Think...

by Yu-Jun Park 05 Jul 2023

Hey, there, glow getters!

Today, we’re smashing myths and dropping facts about an age-old debate…

Toner before moisturizer or moisturizer before toner?

And, because we love you all so much, we're throwing in some neat lifestyle hacks that will complement your skincare routine perfectly!

So, the million-dollar question: Toner or moisturizer first?

Spoiler alert!

The short answer is toner, but hold on, it's not all that straightforward.

We've got all the juicy deets on why the order matters, and how it can transform your skincare game, starting from the word 'go.'

Buckle up, because we're about to drop some major knowledge bombs.

Why Toner Comes First

Now, let's chat toner!

Think of toner as your skincare routine’s most diligent janitor. It mops up any remaining makeup, dirt, or oil that your cleanser might have missed, providing a more in-depth cleanse.

More than that, it restores the skin's pH balance which could have been disturbed during cleansing.

The Science Bit: Why is this pH balance important? Here’s the skinny: our skin’s ideal pH is around 5.5, which is slightly acidic.

Many cleansers, especially soap-based ones, can shift this balance towards alkalinity, leaving our skin more susceptible to dryness and damage.

By bringing back the balance, toners help maintain the integrity of the skin's protective barrier, or acid mantle.

But the toner's magic doesn't stop there.

It's like the appetizer for your skincare feast, prepping your skin to absorb the next course (i.e., moisturizer or serum) more effectively.

So, remember to invite toner to your skincare party!

The Lifestyle Bit: After you apply your toner—may we suggest our star player, our skin-loving Exfoliating Toner—remember to pause. Take a moment for yourself. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, feel the toner seeping into your skin, refreshing it.

This isn't just a skincare pause; it's a moment of mindfulness, a mental cleanse to match your skin cleanse.

Life can often feel like a whirlwind, but your skincare routine should be a safe harbor. A chance to switch off the world and switch on self-love.

And the best part? You can do this every single day!

Now, that's a lifestyle hack you won't find in the instructions!

Time for Moisturizer

The Science Bit: Now that your skin is squeaky clean, pH-balanced and ready to rumble, it's time for the moisturizer to make its grand entrance.

Think of it as the encore to your skincare symphony, it's all about sealing the deal!

Your freshly toned skin has now been hydrated and is primed for some TLC.

The moisturizer, our mighty hero, steps up to the plate, locking in the hydration from the toner, and supplementing with its own special blend of nourishment.

It's like a big, warm bear hug for your skin, protecting it from dryness and environmental damage, and ensuring all the good stuff (like the hydration from your toner) doesn't escape.

Talk about teamwork making the dream work!

But wait, there's more.

Your moisturizer isn't just playing defense. It's also charged with an important offensive role - enriching your skin with essential nutrients, oils, and sometimes even antioxidants, all aimed at making your skin glow brighter than a diamond.

And you’d better believe we’ve got an ace up our sleeve here. Our Snail Repair Cream? Well, it's like the MVP of moisturizers, making sure your skin stays hydrated, elastic, and drop-dead gorgeous.

The Lifestyle Bit: We all deserve a touch of luxury, and applying your moisturizer can be that opulent spa moment in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Think of it as a mini pampering session, a chance to slow down and give your skin some love.

When applying your moisturizer, don't just slap it on. Be intentional. Gently massage it into your skin using upward strokes.

Why upward? Well, it's all about defying gravity, babes!

This movement helps to stimulate blood circulation, encouraging that sought-after youthful glow.

And let's not forget about the stress-relieving properties of a good facial massage. Feel the day's stress melt away as you knead and smooth the moisturizer into your skin.

So there you have it, glow getters.

The humble moisturizer isn't just a product; it's an experience, a daily dose of self-care that nourishes your skin and soothes your spirit.

Who doesn't love a spa day, every day?

Myths Busted: Skincare Edition

Roll up your sleeves, glow getters; it's time for some skincare myth-busting.

Ever heard some skincare 'facts' and thought, 'Really?'

Let's shine a light on these tall tales and reveal the radiant truth!

Myth 1: The More You Moisturize, The Better

Fact: More isn't always better, darlings.

Layering  double the moisturizer on your skin doesn't mean you get double the benefits. It's all about quality, not quantity. Moisturizing twice a day is your golden ticket to supple skin.

Myth 2: Toner is Optional

Fact: No way, Jose! That's like saying dessert is optional at a party (and we all know it's not!).

A solid toner is a skincare routine essential, restoring your skin's pH balance after cleansing and prepping it for moisturization.

Skipping toner is a big skincare no-no!

Myth 3: Toner Causes Dryness

Fact: Well, that's like saying drinking water dehydrates you!

A good toner actually helps hydrate and soothe the skin. If your toner leaves your skin feeling as dry as the Sahara desert, it's time for a skincare swap, babe!

Now, we're done busting myths. Let's move on to our next enlightening section.

Speaking of enlightening, we've got a juicy nugget of skincare wisdom coming up next. We've demystified the toner and moisturizer debate, but did you know that your skincare routine should change with the sun?

That's right, glow getters, let's unravel the secrets of day vs. night skincare routines.

Skincare Routine: Day vs. Night

When it comes to skincare, timing is everything.

Just like you wouldn't wear your PJs to work (though we wish we could), you shouldn't use the same skincare routine for day and night.

Here's the lowdown.

Daytime Skincare

It's all about protection during the day. After cleansing, use a toner to restore your skin's pH balance. Follow it up with a moisturizer to lock in hydration.

And never forget your skincare bodyguard, sunscreen! It protects your skin from harmful UV rays and prevents premature aging.

Remember, our skin faces a lot during the day (pollution, dirt, sunlight), so a protective skincare routine is key.

Nighttime Skincare

When the moon takes the stage, it's time for your skin to repair and rejuvenate. After removing your makeup and cleansing, use our toner again to refresh your skin.

But here's where the switch happens: consider using a night cream, something richer and more nourishing than your daytime moisturizer.

There you have it, the day and night of it!

Remember, your skincare routine isn't just about products; it's about making the right choices at the right time.

Now that's a skincare and life lesson rolled into one!

We're nearing the end of our skincare journey today, but there's still some adventure left.

Let's jump into the dynamic duo of skincare: toner and moisturizer. Just how do they work their magic together?

The Dynamic Duo: Toner & Moisturizer

Imagine the toner and moisturizer as your skincare's ultimate dynamic duo - they're the Batman and Robin, the PB&J, the Beyoncé and Jay-Z of your skincare routine.

Individually, they're superstars, but together? They're an unstoppable force for maximum hydration, nourishment, and glowing skin.

Picture it this way: The toner, our trusty sidekick, kicks off the show.

It's like a skilled opening act at a concert, warming up the crowd - in this case, your skin. It sweeps away any lingering impurities and balances pH levels.

Consider it your skin's hype man, priming and prepping the stage for the main event - the moisturizer.

Then, in comes the moisturizer, our superstar headliner.

Riding on the wave of the toner's performance, it locks in the hydration, supplementing your skin with essential oils and nutrients.

However, just like any great concert, the order is critical.

You wouldn't want the headliner to go on before the opening act, right?

The same goes for your skincare routine. The toner sets the stage, and the moisturizer knocks it out of the park. They're a perfectly choreographed double act designed to give your skin the best performance.

But let's go beyond the surface, glow getters.

This skincare duo isn't just about looking fabulous; it's about feeling fabulous.

It's about embracing a healthier, more mindful lifestyle. When you take the time to invest in your skin, you're also investing time in yourself - you're saying, "Hey, I'm worth it!"

So, get ready to put your hands together for the dynamic duo that's going to make you glow from the inside out.

Here's to not only achieving radiant skin but also radiating confidence, positivity, and self-love.

Rock on, skincare superstars!


Q: What happens if I use moisturizer before toner?

A: Think of it this way: You're throwing the party of the year, and you've got the hottest DJ in town (toner) all ready to hit the decks. But, before the DJ can start spinning, someone (moisturizer) takes over the aux and puts on a random playlist. The vibe isn't quite right, and your DJ can't do their job to get the crowd hyped.

Similarly, applying moisturizer before toner can create a barrier that prevents the toner from doing its crucial work - think balancing pH levels, removing last bits of impurities, and prepping your skin for further hydration.

To keep the party – and your skin – popping, let the toner do its thing first, then bring on the moisturizer as the encore act!

Q: Help! I forgot to apply toner before moisturizer. What do I do?

A: Hey, don't stress! We're all human, and sometimes we forget a step or two – it's all part of the skincare journey! If you've accidentally applied moisturizer before toner, there's no need to panic.

You can always apply your toner the next time around. Remember, consistency is your golden ticket in skincare – it's about creating and maintaining a routine that your skin will thank you for.

Also, if you're really in a pinch, and have already applied moisturizer, you could gently rinse off and restart your routine.

But, generally, it's okay to wait until the next cleanse to get back on track. After all, tomorrow is another day – and another chance to give your skin the love it deserves!

Q: I have dry skin. Should I still use a toner before my moisturizer?

A: Yes, you should! Even if you have dry skin, toners are crucial for balancing your skin's pH levels and preparing it for the moisturizer's hydrating goodness.

Opt for alcohol-free toners which hydrate and prep without stripping the skin. Follow with a moisturizer that packs a hydration punch, and voila – you're on your way to dewy, radiant skin!

Now, with these FAQs under your belt, you're all set to rock your skincare routine with confidence and knowledge.

So, glow getters, now you know the lowdown on the toner-before-moisturizer conundrum.

Remember, your skincare routine isn't just about products; it's a lifestyle choice.

Here's to glowing skin and a glowing life! Share this guide with your friends to spread the glow.

Oh, and don't forget: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. Repeat.

Stay radiant, lovelies!

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