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Vitamin C Serum: When to Use It for Maximum Glow!

by Yu-Jun Park 09 Apr 2024

Hey there, skincare enthusiasts!

Or should we say K-beauty aficionados?

Ever wondered how your favorite Korean pop idols maintain their flawless, glowy skin? 

It's time to unveil one powerful secret behind those radiant skins: vitamin C serum. 

But the real question here is not just about using a vitamin C serum. The important part is knowing when to use it for maximum benefits. 

Sit tight, as we're going to break down this beauty conundrum into digestible hints and hacks to get your glow on!

Spoiler alert: It’s easier than you think.

When should vitamin C serum be used in your routine?

So, let’s get into it. When's the best time to apply this miracle worker? 

Don't fret, we’ve got the deets just for you.

First off, let's not be hasty. Let’s understand what we’re dealing with. 

Breaking down what vitamin C serum is, it's a skincare product that’s simply packed with vitamin C. It has gained fame for its ability to make your skin look brighter and reduce signs of aging. 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, helping protect your skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. It also boosts collagen production and reduces brown spots thanks to its role as a melanin inhibitor.

But yes, we hear you, that’s not the million-dollar question. What you want to know is: when should it make its grand entrance? 

Morning is the optimal time to use vitamin C serum! 

Yes, you read that right. A lot of experts recommend applying it in the daytime. 

Why, you might wonder? 

Well, it’s all linked back to the science behind the serum. 

Vitamin C, by nature, is a potent antioxidant. 

We’ve touched on it, but what does it really mean? It means it can neutralize those pesky free radicals that wreak havoc on your skin. These radicals are most active during the day, often due to exposure to sunlight and pollution. 

Hence, a dose of vitamin C in the A.M. could be the shield protecting your skin from these external aggressors. 

There's some logic to follow. 

Since vitamin C can fade and even prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation, using it while you're out and about, facing the day and, consequently, the sun's harmful rays makes sense. 

It's like patrolling police officers doing their rounds during peak crime hours; only here, vitamin C is the cop and UV rays the criminals. 

But wait, there's another reason! 

For those wearing makeup or sunscreen, vitamin C serums can work as a primer due to their often gel-like consistency. Layer it under these products for a smooth base and feel like a skincare pro every morning.

Now, just because it's a daytime favorite doesn't mean the night owls miss out. 

Vitamin C is not sensitive to sunlight, but it is sensitive to light in general. 

Remember that idea about it being an antioxidant? Oxidation is a reaction that can impart damage and decrease the efficiency of your product. Therefore, some dermatologists suggest applying vitamin C serum at night to avoid this rapid oxidation process. 

Plus, while we sleep, our skin undergoes a sort of renewal process. 

Our skin does its heavy lifting at night, repairing and regenerating itself. Therefore, some suggest that applying your vitamin C serum during nighttime can optimize its effects and give your skin a rejuvenation boost.

Confused? Don't be! 

Whether you're part of the morning chorus or nocturnal league, incorporating vitamin C into your skincare routine is a win. Just remember to store it correctly - as in a cool, dark place - to slow down oxidation and extend its life. 

So, the choice is yours: Morning or night, when do you want your skin to get its vitamin C punch? 

Let your skin goals, routine, and preferences dictate the terms here. Because the most effective skincare routine is one you’re most likely to stick to. 

Let the magic of vitamin C work on your schedule, your skin will thank you for it!

Should I use vitamin C serum at night too?

So, we’ve settled the debate around the best time to apply vitamin C serum.

But another question remains.

You're pondering the idea of incorporating a vitamin C serum into your nocturnal skincare regime. But should you? The answer, in a nutshell, is yes.

Let's dive into why.

Nighttime is when our bodies, including our skin, go into repair mode. It is during this time when our skin is most receptive to skincare products. So, applying your vitamin C serum at night means you're boosting this restoration process by providing a dose of powerful antioxidants for your skin to drink up.

Believe it or not, environmental stressors like pollution, UV rays, and even your office's terribly dry air aren't calling it a night when you do. Free radicals don't clock out, which means your skin needs a nighttime hero to continue shielding it while you sleep. vitamin C to the rescue!

Vitamin C serum can also promote collagen production - the protein that gives our skin its suppleness and elasticity. So applying it overnight can help you wake up with plumper, firmer skin.

But here's a bonus reason to consider an evening rendezvous with vitamin C serum: it can help with hyperpigmentation. That's right! Those pesky dark spots caused by sun exposure or old acne blemishes might just fade away with regular nighttime vitamin C serum use.

Now, are you ready for a tiny bit of caution? Vitamin C is known to be unstable, and light exposure can degrade its efficacy. By applying it rather unceremoniously during the peak hours of daylight, you run the risk of reducing its potential benefits.

Conversely, applying it at night, when your skin is away from direct sunlight and the serum is less likely to be destabilized, can increase its effectiveness in brightening and smoothing your face. That's a win-win situation if you ask me.

Using vitamin C serum at night might sound like just another step to add to your already lengthy skincare routine. But remember: this is your skin we're talking about. Can you really be too careful?

Can I use vitamin C serum everyday?

Sure thing! You can most definitely use vitamin C serum every day. 

But like all good things, it's all about balance and making sure you're not overdoing it. 

Is there a catch? Not really, but as with most things, balance is crucial when it comes to applying your vitamin C serum. Appreciate its power, but too much can lead to skin irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. Hence, it's advisable to start slow and gradually increase its usage once your skin adjusts to its effects.

Practical usage advice? Start with a small amount each day, then slowly increase as your skin adapts. 

Your skin is unique to you, listen to it. If you notice increased sensitivity or tingling, take a break for a day or two, then resume application. It's all about learning what works for your skin because skin care is not a one-size-fits-all affair.

But what if you're already using other skincare products like retinol or niacinamide? 

Fear not, vitamin C can be layered with most other skincare products (all you snail mucin junkies? You’re in the clear!).

However (yes, we’ll say it again like that well-meaning grandparent who just wants the best for you), always be mindful of your skin. 

If irritation occurs, take a pause. Your skin might be signaling that it's best to alternate days when using these different active ingredients.

In conclusion, feel free to embrace vitamin C serum every day, just remember to do it wisely. 

When not to use vitamin C serum?

Timing your vitamin C serum application

Although vitamin C serum may be the skin-care-police patrolling your epidermal crime scenes, it isn't always on duty. 

Certain situations call for this cop on the skin beat to take a breather. 

As we know, vitamin C is, at its core, an acid. Hence, it could heighten redness or sting slightly when applied to irritated skin or post skin procedures. 

That doesn’t mean it's the bad guy in this story—it's just best to side-step the serum when skin sensitivity spikes. 

One-on-one with vitamin C serum

As your skin care aficionado, we're here to sift through the misconceptions or questions orbiting around vitamin C serum. Buckle up, K-Beauty admirers—we're diving deep!

1. Should I apply vitamin C serum before or after moisturizer?

  •  Ever read 'The Tortoise and the Hare?' Slow and steady wins the race in skincare too. Start slow—with your lightest product—then make your way to the finish line (the final, heavier product). So, vitamin C serum champions over moisturizer in this routine race. It's the refreshing beverage you need before you dig into the main course (your moisturizer). 

2. Can vitamin C serum lighten my skin?

  •  Here's the lowdown: vitamin C serum is not your dermatological whitewashing agent. It's more like an equalizer, correcting uneven dark spots and hyperpigmentation to deliver a more harmonious skin tone. It's your skin's personal Maestro, orchestrating a glow symphony, not a discoloration eraser.

3. Can I blend vitamin C serum with my sunscreen or moisturizer?

  •  Simple answer, avoid doubling up. Applying your vitamin C serum solo ensures its potency remains intact. Fusion may lead to dilution and an unwelcome surprise from your skin in response.

A charming mix of vit-C facts

  • What's an unwanted expiry date surprise? A bottle of vitamin C serum gone bad. Its shorter shelf-life insists you opt for smaller quantities to avoid tossing half bottles away.
  • Here's some skincare trivia: Our skin isn't a vitamin C factory. This external application is the top-up your skin often craves.
  • Here's the cherry on top: vitamin C doesn’t restrict its magic to your skin alone. Consuming vitamin C helps bolster your immune system. Talk about an inside-out makeover!

A vitamin C fairy tale

Picture this: Kim, a devout skincare enthusiast in her 20s begins to notice the first signs of aging. 

This discovery startles her, especially given her disciplined skincare practice. 

One lucky day, Kim bumps into a K-pop idol at a café (that’s Seoul for you). They casually discuss skincare and vitamin C serum tops the idol's list, encouraging Kim to give it a whirl. 

The result? A dramatic improvement that made Kim profess her loyalty to the serum, vowing to make it a permanent part of her beauty routine.

And you’d better believe she used it in the morning.

So, our fellow skincare adventurers, timing is key, especially with vitamin C serum usage. Integrate it into your daily skincare rituals for that K-pop superstar glow. 

Let your journey to radiant skin begin!

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